1-Hour Delivery

Enter your location
(or your friend’s if you are gifting them a drink).
Select your drinks.
Boom! We pack & deliver in 1 hour.


Event/Party Registry

1. Register your event or party – weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc.,
2. Add booze to your wishlist if you like, or let your friends decide.
3. Share your event with friends.
4. Receive notifications as they contribute drinks towards your party.
5. We deliver at your event. Hassle-free!

– Better, together –



1. Get your buddies into the groove.
2.Select drinks you wish to share
3.Enter the recipeint’s address, or
Share directly to them on facebook, instagram or twitter.
5.We deliver. Hassle-free!

– Booze is best when shared with friends –


Delivery Areas

For events and parties, we deliver throughout Nigeria.

For 1-Hour Delivery, click here to see if we are in your region yet.